Smile Gallery


Case 11

This 72 year old male came to us with a badly decayed bridge. The bad teeth were removed and replaced with a dental implant. Here you can see the new ‘implant bridge’ moments before being painlessly secured in place. This is a permanent solution which will allow him to eat and smile without any restrictions!

Case 12

Broken, infected or abscessed teeth single teeth are commonly replaced with a dental implant. Here you can see the healed implant moments before the permanent tooth is secured in place.

Case 13

A single dental implant can be created to mimic the natural variations in your own teeth.  This patient wanted minimally invasive dentistry to preserve his natural teeth and smile.

Case 14

After 20+ years with his traditional bridge, the supporting teeth finally became decayed and non-restorable. The decayed teeth were replaced with two dental implants and a new permanent, non removable ceramic bridge.

Case 15

Due to an injury playing Hockey, this patient chose to replace his missing tooth with a dental implant due to the longevity and strength that implants provide.   Extra care was taken to mimic his natural teeth.

Case 16

This school bus driver was afraid to smile at the students that she loved so much.  With her new smile makeover she now can express her love and warmth to them without restraint.  She was treated with 10 ceramic veneers on the upper and teeth whitening on the lower. 

Case 17

A failed traditional bridge left this gentleman without the proper chewing teeth he always relied on.  He now has a permanent implant bridge and enjoys eating his favorite steak again without a second thought. 

Case 18

This 81 year old patient presented to the office because her missing teeth were a source of constant frustration and embarrassment in this very precious chapter of her life.  She was treated with an upper implant over denture (snap on and off), and lower Teeth X-Press (permanent full implant bridge).  Her vibrant personality is now on display because of her new found confidence in her smile and ability to eat without frustration.

Case 19

Newly single again, this patient wanted to have an attractive smile as she started this new life chapter.  With teeth whitening and 4 ceramic veneers, we were able to give her the younger looking cosmetic smile she was after.

Case 20

After over 20 years caring for her ailing mother, we were able to get this wonderful patient the smile she deserves.  Infected and broken teeth were replaced with a permanent upper and lower implant bridge in a single procedure known as Teeth X-Press.  She snoozed though the appointment with sedation dentistry and woke up to her brand new permanent smile.