Smile Gallery


Case 1

49 Year old female patient struggled to smile because of her crooked and missing teeth.  In addition to misalignment, she was born with unusually small front lateral incisors.  Our treatment involved straightening her teeth with Invisalign, then using dental implants and ceramic crowns and veneers to replace the missing teeth and correct the size discrepancies.  At 49 years old she finally has the smile she deserves!

Case 2

An abscessed tooth removed and replaced with a dental implant. Total treatment time was 4 months. This is now the strongest tooth in her mouth.

Case 3

This college student wanted a way to align his teeth while away at school. Invisalign treatment was done here. He was given a series of clear aligners and straightened his smile in 6 months. He is no longer embarrassed to smile because of his gapped teeth!

Case 4

72 year old female patient was afraid to smile at her grandchildren. 10 upper and 10 lower ceramic veneers were made to brighten the color of her teeth, strengthen the broken ones, and create a straight and cosmetic smile. She is now smiling at her grandchildren with all the love in her heart.

Case 5

Years of avoiding the dental office due to severe dental anxiety led this 60 year old male patient into a painful dental situation. He presented with infected and broken teeth which could not be saved. After reviewing his options, he chose Teeth X-Press (LINK) with sedation. This treatment allowed him to have all his broken and infected teeth removed, and a permanent set of teeth attached to dental implants in one visit! He snoozed through the procedure and woke up with a beautiful new, non-removable smile!

Case 6

22 year old male with 2 teeth missing from birth. He had been struggling with a removable denture to replace the front teeth, and finally decided he wanted something permanent. Two dental implants and ceramic crowns were placed to replace these missing front teeth.

Case 7

67 year old female with many missing upper and lower teeth. She desired to keep her remaining teeth and did not want anything removable on the top where her front teeth were missing. We placed 4 dental implants on the upper and made a permanent upper ceramic bridge. On the lower, we made a removable partial denture to ensure she could chew and function normally.

Case 8

A fearful 65 year old male presented to use because his teeth had been wearing and breaking down for years. As a new retiree with grandchildren, he desired to start his new life chapter by taking care of his oral health which he had put off for so long. Upper teeth were restored with ceramic crowns and veneers, and lower teeth were replaced with Teeth X-Press (LINK), our same-day permanent implant bridge option.

Case 9

After years of hiding her smile, this 47 year old female wanted to have straight beautiful teeth. We were able to correct the discrepancies in tooth height, alignment, and color by using a combination of dental crowns and veneers.

Case 10

71 year old male had a long history of avoiding the dental office. We were able to do sedation dentistry to achieve this amazing result! He was treated with 4 implants on the top and two implants on the lower which allow him to “snap” his denture into place.