Meet The Doctor



For over a decade, Dr. Daniel Jammal has delivered beautiful, excellent adult oral care to patients in and around the Buffalo, NY area.

With over a decade of experience providing expert general dental care, Dr. Jammal has helped thousands of patients improve and maintain their beautiful smiles.  His training began at Boston University Dental School, where he garnered several awards for his scientific research which he went on to present at national and international dental conferences. 

Clinically he remains at the forefront of modern dentistry.  Dr. Jammal has trained alongside the nation’s top dentists, honing and refining his technique over the past decade.  He has advanced training and knowledge in several areas of general dentistry including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, Invisalign, and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. 

Dr. Jammal is a Western New York native who comes from a family of healthcare providers, including his mother who was also a dentist.