Smile Gallery


Case 21

Lateral incisor teeth are sometimes missing from birth.  This 18 year old male patient had trouble making his removable denture fit into his busy teenage life.  He presented with the desire for a permanent tooth replacement.  Two dental implants were placed and restored with ceramic crowns just in time for graduation. 

Case 22

After years of heavy grinding, this 51 year old patient ended up with short and fractured teeth throughout his mouth.  His desire to avoid future dental treatment led him to chose permanent implant bridges on the upper and lower.  With Teeth X-Press, we were able to remove the hopelessly broken teeth and replace them with permanent replacements in a single appointment.  His new set are made of Zirconia, an ultra-durable ceramic that was designed for people who grind and clench.  Confidence and function restored.

Case 23

This 47 year old female had been missing her upper premolars for several years.  She her smile and function were restored with two dental implants and ceramic crowns.

Case 24

This 46 year old female business owner wanted a smile that would attract customers and reflect the quality of her work.  After treating her infected gums and removing the hopeless lower front teeth, she was fitted with 10 upper ceramic crowns and veneers and a lower permanent ceramic bridge to replace the 4 extracted teeth.

Case 25

Single missing tooth replaced with a dental implant.

Case 26

“Teeth in a day” procedure. Permanent upper teeth attached to dental implants in one visit.

Case 27

“Teeth in a day” procedure. Permanent upper teeth attached to dental implants in one visit.

Case 28

10 upper ceramic veneers to correct shape and color.

Case 29

Upper “snap-on” dentures. These removable teeth are secure enough to bite an apple, but do need to be removed every night for cleaning.

Case 30

Invsialign to correct misaligned teeth. Total treatment time 3 months.